nanaIna CUTE

nanaIna CUTEContactless User inTEeraction – enables the navigation through websites and the control of media players in a real simplest means: Just have visitors wave towards your website or media player to interact.

But – we have …
… mouse, keyboard, touchpads.
What for do we need a new interaction device?
Well, …
… do these things work always and in every situation?

Just think for eample of the display in a shop window. Or on the product displays in your shop. A mouse would not help you here.

Perhaps it would be great for your visitors if they could navigate through your product information or start a video there – right through the window or over a distance. Both mouse and keyboard or touchpad fail here as interaction devices because they are separated from the customer by the glass pane – or simply by the distance.

All you need is

  • a web browser like Firefox, Chrome, Opera
  • a simple webcam and
  • nanaIna CUTE.

nanaIna CUTE offers a new way of access and interaction – cheap and easy.

Actually nanaIna360 can be used in its version 0.9.