NAML – Scripting

NAML stands for NAnaina Markup Language and is the basic tool to describe a nanaIna presentation.

NAML is an easy-to-learn XML-based language to …

  • … define all kinds of hypermedia and combine them, …
  • … define the behaviour of a link and its position, size, shape and color and …
  • … define actions to describe what happens if a link is ‚clicked‘.

NAML is JSON-based. So it is only neccessary to know the simple rules of JSON to describe own nanaIna presentations.

NAML gives the option to embed links in all kinds of (hyper-) media. This means that links are not only possible in (hyper-) text but also in (hyper-) images and (hyper-) video.
Of course standard HTML offers the option to embedd links in images using the imagemaps. But NAML links in images and videos are much more flexible:

  • A link can be drawn visible on the image or video or …
  • … it can be reduced to the border of its shape or …
  • … it can be hidden totally.
  • Furthermore a NAML link can move by time on the image or video (e.g. for following moving objects).
  • And last not least a NAML link can change its size, shape and color.

Just for a very short impression of how a NAML script looks:
(The complete documentation for NAML will be available here in near future.)