The nanaIna framework consists currently of four modules, all using the JSON-based modeling language NAML, which was developed, to …

  • … synchronize static and dynamic media, …
  • … enrich it with links that can behave individually and …
  • … be able to design optimal user interaction with these media.
(in its actual version 2.3)
nanaIna 360
(in its actual Version 1.0)
The player application for multi- and hypermedia presentations with all features. A special player for the special needs of 306°-presentation.
nanaIna showroom
(in its actual version 1.1)
nanaIna CUTE
(in its development vers. 0.9)
A player for showroom presentations of products and objects (of course with the option to embed links to the presentation). An extension for contactless interaction with presentations through windows or over distances.


Take a look at the nanaIna showreel and give it a try.

Unfortunately the production of really good interactive media applications is not that simple and each application has its own individual needs (and pitfalls 🙁 ), the nanaIna framework is actually not a downloadable software.
We’re working on that!

But: If you are interested in multimediality, hypermediality and interactivity in your media then do not bother to contact us!

We will offer you an individual solution based …

  • … on our competencies in media production AND software engineering.
  • … on our competencies in interaction design.
  • … and of course on basis of the nanaIna technology.

Just contact us for any question and information about nanaIna.