nanaIna Player

The nanaIna player was specially developed for the presentation of interactive hyper- and multimedia. This means, that all kind of media can bear (hyper-)links as we all know it from the internet.

But while hyperlinks in the internet are usually only integrated in texts, nanaIna offers the option of integrating links also into images and videos.
Furthermore each link can get – adds an individual behavior to each link:

  • Links can follow moving objects.
  • Links can appear and disappear individually during the presentation.
  • Links can change their size, position and color.
  • Links can lead to additional external and internal information.
  • etc.

nanaIna is not just a slideshow or web presentation, but nanaIna is a real MEDIAshow

As all nanaIna presentations are designed by using the NAML scripting language, the nanaIna Player (and all other media parts of the nanaIna framework) support also HTML.

nanaIna bears a lot of feature funcitonalities, besides „living“ links.

Time labels Proactivity Geo labels
To control the flow of a presentation time labels activate links. To consider the users behaviour and needs proactivity labels enable links. To react on changing locations Geo labels enable and activate links.
Free form links Link captions Community tools
For greater freedom in design links can have any shape. For easier use links can be captioned with text or icons. For more fun social media activities can be integrated.
Game nodes Interaction nodes Extended nodes
To enable game like experiences index counters, key nodes, timer nodes etc. can be integrated. For greater user experience other interaction modalities than click’n’point can be integrated. Lot more feature can be realized justr like multi-device usability and more.