nanaIna is a Javascript framework that combines the possibilities of multimedia and hypermedia:

  • Multimediality
  • Hypermediality
  • Interactivity
  • Proactivity

The applications that can be developed with the nanaIna framework can be used directly in any (current) web browser. But it is also possible to implement stand-alone solutions, e.g.

  • media installation in a foyer
  • point-of-information-terminals in exhibitions
  • point-of-sale-terminals in malls
  • etc.

nanaIna combines static media as e.g. text and images with dynamic media as e.g. video and audio with the respective specific media properties in ONE application. To do this, nanaIna uses the “Combined Hypermedia actions” (CHacts). This is described in our book “Beyond Hypertext”.

(Unfortunately this this book is actually only available in german but the english version will be published soon.)

On the basis of a far-reaching foundation of theoretical principles, nanaIna could be developed as a practically usable tool that combines the characteristics of multimedia and hypermedia and thus enables completely new and innovative forms of presentation.

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